1. Omaggaddah
  2. Nebulous
  3. Insert Coin
  4. A Tea with the White Rabbit
  5. Il mistero del signor Piler
  6. Street life
  7. Fred
  8. Cadillac
  9. Flush
  10. Touché
  11. Nuvola

I brani numero 1, 2, 4, 4, 10 sono composti da R.Quagliato.

Songs number 3 and 11 are composed by F.Malaman. Songs number 5 and 8 are composed by R.Bertuzzi. Song number 6 is composed by The Crusader and arranged by F.Malaman. Song number 9 is composed by F.Signorini and arranged by R.Quagliato. Song number 7 is composed by Allan Holdsworth.


Federico Malaman – Bass Guitar

Riccardo Bertuzzi – Electric Guitar

Ricky Quagliato – Drums

Roberto Manzin – Saxophone

Donald Hayes – Saxophone

Serena Brancale – Vocals

Francesco Signorini – Keyboards



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Malafede Trio is one of the most interesting and creative projects currently around.
Born in 2015, it takes shape from an idea of bassist Federico Malaman, by now an international reference point for his instrument, and is completed with two prominent names on the Italian scene, Riccardo Bertuzzi on guitar and Ricky Quagliato on drums.

The language of the Trio is placed in the fusion, but crosses the boundaries of this label, as the sounds range from Jazz to Prog, up to Avant contamination, in which the virtuosic element that characterizes the three musicians never goes to the detriment of musicality and balance of the compositions.

In 2016 they released ‘Touché’, an album of original compositions that captured the multifaceted nature of the Trio, enriched by prestigious guests such as American saxophonist Donald Hayes (Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan), Serena Brancale (a leading name in the current Nu Soul scene), the tightrope walker saxophonist Roberto Manzin and keyboardist Francesco Signorini, who contributed to the album with an original composition, ‘Flush’.