1. Fez & Owen
  2. Something Yellow
  3. Nice Walking
  4. Night Vision
  5. Sunday Morning
  6. Ma Và In Five
  7. B Brothers
  8. Lullaby For Brian 

All the tracks are composed by A.Bonacasa with the exception of “Ma và in five” by F.Malaman and “Lullaby for Brian” by M.Furian.


Federico Malaman – Bass

Maxx Furian – Drums

Alberto Bonacasa – Piano and keys

Stef Burns – Guitar

Maurizio Giammarco – Sax

Martin Miller – Guitar

Alessandro “Pacho” Rossi – Percussions



The band presents a repertoire of original pieces where the rhythmic, harmonic and melodic diversity that has influenced over time this fascinating musical journey of jazz is highlighted.

As evidence of the work done in these two years, the band has released a CD entitled “Sunday morning” for Setticlavio Edizioni. In order to realize it, the band avails itself of the precious collaboration of artists such as Maurizio Gianmarco (saxophone), Stef Burns (guitar), Martin Miller (guitar), Alessandro “Pacho” Rossi (percussion).