1. Sevenandsix
  2. Slappyness
  3. Song for Marco
  4. Downpour (Live in studio)
  5. Love mood
  6. Tango Asimmetrico
  7. Life
  8. Afro Fred (Live in studio)
  9. Uncle Joe
  10. Thank you mr.JP

All tracks are composed by F.Malaman with the exception of “Downpour” by M.Polga.


Federico Malaman – Basso

Valerio De Paola – Chitarra

Nicolas Viccaro – Batteria

Fabio Valdemarin – Tastiere

Marco Scipione – Sassofono

Ruslan Sirota – Piano

Nicki Gonzalez – Voce

Pino Laudadio – Produttore e Ingegnere del suono

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Life is the new solo work of the sensational bassist and composer Federico Malaman.
A record of intense, authentic songs that unfold through an elegant combination of instrumental virtuosity and rhythmic research.
The writing and the arrangements of the album fluctuate between Funk, romantic Pop digressions, tango, touching lullabies and passionate Fusion surges that, with modern pronunciation and sound, pay homage to the giants of this musical tradition. A lively album, varied and heterogeneous in stylistic references but made uniform by the personality of the bass and the writing of Malaman that give character and artistic coherence to the work.

Federico Malaman explains: “Life, actually, would have a subtitle that is is not in 4/4. In music, in fact, 4/4 is the simplest, most linear time. And life is not like that: there are ups and downs, changes of plans, pleasant surprises and unbridgeable pains.”
This is why Life is characterized by the use of more articulated, composed tempos, which become a metaphor for the very meaning of life, wonderful in its peaks of joy and pain and in its unpredictable happenings.
The common thread of Life remains passion and vitality, the sense of life in motion and the explosion of enthusiasm that this talented musician expresses with his rhythm.