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Federico Malaman Band

The Malaman Band brings to the stage the heart of the band that accompanied Federico Malaman in the recording of his latest solo album “Life”. In this way, Malaman decided to preserve in the concerts the same artistic, human and musical alchemy that animated the production and recording of the disc: to perform the repertoire of “Life” there are the same musicians who with their experience, poetry, technique and musicality have influenced the realization.
It’s a team of amazing artists, each authentic excellence of his instrument, musicians with collaborations and authoritative experiences and international scope. Like Federico, each of them represents the state of the art of the modern instrumentalist, embodying in a single technical figure, versatility, creative flair, sound research and improvisational skills. But what makes the Malaman Band special is above all the unique relationship that binds together the components. Malaman explains: “The musicians of this ensemble are all precious friends. To have them together, involved in the same project, was special because for me they are a sort of Dream Team, the group of people perfect for making music, both artistically and humanly.

The description of the individual musicians, presented by Federico Malaman, is here.

Nicolas Viccaro:
Nicolas has an eclectic approach to drums: technique, taste and talent in reconciling modernity and tradition. One of my absolute favorite drummers.
Fabio Valdemarin:
An excellent pianist and multi-instrumentalist. With his precious musical sensibility, Fabio has brought important improvements to my compositions.
Marco Scipione:
I have only one word to describe Marco: extraordinary.
He is a technical, rhythmic, melodic musician. One of the most brilliant saxophonists I’ve ever played with.

Malafede Trio

The MalaFede Trio was born in 2015 from an idea of Federico Malaman and is completed with Riccardo Bertuzzi on guitar and Ricky Quagliato on drums.
The project is part of the fusion with sounds ranging from jazz to nu soul to avant contamination, and is characterized by a virtuosity that does not overpower musicality and balance of compositions. In 2016 the ensemble produces Touché, the first record work, thanks to which it consolidates its success also in Europe and in the world. 
At present the Trio is engaged in an intense live activity and is working on a new album, whose release is scheduled for 2020.


Jazz modern band formed by Federico Malaman, Maxx Furian, Alberto Bonafede and Claudio Scipione.
The word ‘Timeline’ can have various meanings related to either a period of tempo or to an evolution. Both of these concepts can be linked to music and transmitting an image of our personalities, our musical backgrounds and experiences.
As musicians, we always try to tell a story through our instruments, in search of different sounds, new melodies and harmonies to involve the listener through emotions and images.
The focal point of the artist is to share the emotions that arise from a personal experience, from his own perceptions and sensitivity.