1. Radiotrio
  2. Two Faces
  3. Love Mood
  4. Little Girl Blue
  5. Lament
  6. Bistrot
  7. The Nearness of You
  8. Trip
  9. Moon Song
  10. Just a Gigolò

Tracks number 1, 6, 8 are composed by Birro. Tracks number 2, 3 are composed by Malaman. Track number 4 is composed by Rodgers-Hart. Track number 5 is composed by Johnson. Track number 7 is composed by Whashington-Carmichael. Track number 9 is composed of Coslow-Johnston. Track number 10 is composed of Casucci-Brammer-Caesar.


Federico Malaman – Bass

Paolo Birro – Piano

Mauro Beggio – Drums



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Radiotrio: three musicians, from Vicenza, whose experiences have been intertwined in various forms, in various periods and for different reasons and that for the first time come together to create a new formation. Paolo Birro has been one of the most appreciated Italian jazz pianists for many years; Federico Malaman is a virtuoso of his instrument and a point of reference in pop music; Mauro Beggio has been playing since he was young in the groups of the most important exponents of national jazz. Once Charlie Parker said to a very young Andrew Hill: “I see melody as rhythm”. This is just one of many statements in which musical greats reveal the centrality of rhythm in musical expression. The awareness of this centrality is the basic idea of the Radiotrio program, the starting point for the construction of a new repertoire and the exploration of unusual areas for improvisation.