Mala Slap Vol.2 is an advanced course of 27 video lessons, divided into 5 modules, which will deepen your knowledge of slap technique and guide you in the creation of your own grooves and solos. It is the natural continuation of Malaslap Vol.1.

In the course you will find:

  • 27 Video Lessons
  • Lessons are divided into 5 modules for an easier understanding
  • E-Book with tabs and sheet music
  • Mp3 tracks to practice
  • Possibility to watch the lessons in streaming
  • Support via email


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In the first module we will go over all the more advanced slap techniques.

  • Lesson 1: Collection Of 5 Famous Riffs
  • Lesson 2: 3 Finger Triplets
  • Lesson 3: Marcus Miller Sile Triplets
  • Lesson 4: Wooten-style triplets
  • Lesson 5: Mr King Triplets

In the second unit, we’ll work on metrics with several displacement exercises.

  • Lesson 6: Summary of All Grooves Covered
  • Lesson 7: 3 Finger Shifts
  • Lesson 8: Miller Style Shifts
  • Lesson 9: Wooten-style shifts
  • Lesson 10: Mr. King Moves

In the third module we will begin to apply the techniques seen in the first module on different styles of groove.

  • Lesson 11: “Displacement Groove” 3 Finger Slap Triplets
  • Lesson 12: “Displacement Groove” with “Miller style” triplets
  • Lesson 13: “Displacement Groove” with “Wooten style” triplets
  • Lesson 14: “Displacement Groove” with triplets “Alla King”
  • Lesson 15: Lick Pick Slap & Speed Demon

In this module we will focus on pick slap technique and the “Victor Wooten Trick”.

  • Lesson 16: Groove Funky Using the Pick Slap
  • Lesson 17: Gospel groove using the pick slap
  • Lesson 18: Groove With Triplets Using The Pick Slap
  • Lesson 19: Pentatonic groove using the slap pick
  • Lesson 20: Explanation of the Wooten Trick
  • Lesson 21: Groove using the “Wooten Trick

In the last module we will go over how you can create a solo using the slap technique.

  • Lesson 22: Slap & Melody
  • Lesson 23: King Triplets on the Major Scale
  • Lesson 24: Shifting the Melody
  • Lesson 25: Creating a solo – Part 1
  • Lesson 26: Creating a Solo – Part 2
  • Lesson 27: Creating a Solo – Part 3