This Jazz Masterclass has been produced in collaboration with The title is “From Walking Bass to soloing, the step is narrow”. It was produced live in Turin during the prestigious “TJF – Torino Jazz Festival”.

Already from the title of this masterclass you can understand the relationship between walking bass line and soloing.

The Masterclass is divided into 2 main sections:

the first part talks about many theoretical applications with examples
the second part includes a Q&A session where we have practical examples in response to questions from participants.
During the masterclass Federico discusses why he thinks it’s vital to start using the Chord Tones approach to build both bass lines and solo ideas.

He also talks about the most fundamental part of improvisation, THE RHYTHM; and how to use all the modes of the scale, pentatonic scales, chromaticism and how to develop solos and walking bass lines on the diminished scale (something many bassists find difficult!).

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